Business Disputes; It’s Personal

I haven’t met a person yet who is passionate about their business and doesn’t take it personally when they have been lied to, cheated or deceived. Having pride in your work and being dedicated to your team is what makes people successful.

Business Disputes; It’s Personal McCovery Law & Mediation

When you inevitably cross paths with someone that has wronged you, it’s always personal.

As you likely know already, emotions cloud decision making. That’s why when there is a business dispute, it’s important to involve a law professional that has your best interests in mind and just as importantly, is not emotionally tied to the situation.

If you fend for yourself you’ll probably get frustrated and make the situation worse. Add shouting, threats and perhaps a physical altercation and things get complicated quickly. All this leads to ruined reputations, wasted time, energy and of course, money.

You always have options. John H. McCorvey of McCorvey Law and Mediation offers this advice.

Don’t wait

Call an attorney early on. Even if it’s just to talk it through. An attorney will let you know some of your options and advise if you need professional counsel. Be wary of those professionals eager to get to the courtroom. In most cases, that’s your last resort as better outcomes can be had through negotiation, mediation or arbitration.

Document everything

Just like the old adage says, It’s better to have and not need, than to need and not have. Documentation gives you more leverage and that can be invaluable at any stage of the settlement process.

Take a deep breath

You may want to “teach this person a lesson” and make life as difficult as you can for your adversary, but in most cases, doing so costs more money and can be painful for everyone. Rather than being vengeful, look for ways to resolve the situation and move on with your life.

Asses what you have learned

Causes for business dispute are too numerous to list here. You may want to reflect on why the dispute happened in the first place. This is a good time to ask yourself the hard questions about your processes, contracts and personnel. More often than not, something in the business broke down and it’s important to fix so that the situation does not repeat itself. McCorvey says, “It’s ok and reasonable to make mistakes, just take care that the same mistake doesn’t happen again”.

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