Foreclosures Asset Recovery in Jacksonville Florida

For lenders in Northeast Florida, profitability is a primary goal. No matter how successful a business model, lenders must still anticipate loan losses and establish a system to recoup them. When borrowers fail to comply with their financial commitments, foreclosure and other theories of asset recovery are utilized on behalf of lenders in Florida courts. The goal is to recover funds and mitigate losses that impact the lender’s bottom line.

Foreclosures Asset Recovery in Jacksonville Florida McCovery Law & Mediation

Foreclosure and asset recovery claims are sometimes tedious and time-consuming. When a debtor files bankruptcy, the recovery process becomes even more complicated. While collection mills provide quick solutions, they rarely offer the experience, knowledge and attention to detail that are needed to present claims in bankruptcy courts, particularly the more complex business reorganizations.

McCorvey Law & Mediation offers foreclosure asset recovery in Jacksonville Florida services for lenders that prefer a professional approach. John McCorvey is an attorney with an extensive track record of success in obtaining and enforcing foreclosure and other commercial judgments.

Foreclosures and Asset Recovery in Jacksonville Florida

Mortgages, promissory notes, and other documents establish a lender’s right to enforce lien interests and recover damages. When a borrower fails to comply with the terms of their original agreement, we achieve recovery through formal legal process.


When properly filed and prosecuted, a foreclosure lawsuit legally enforces a lien upon real or personal property. The lender obtains a foreclosure judgment that extinguishes certain inferior liens against the property. The court orders a foreclosure sale at which the lender receives a bid credit in the amount of the foreclosure judgment. When the sale concludes, the lender is often the successful bidder. After a time frame within which objections to the foreclosure sale may be filed, absent any objections, the lender obtains a Certificate of Title which legally conveys ownership of the property to the lender.

A lender has several options when it possesses a lien upon personal property. The lender may proceed with a replevin lawsuit to lawfully acquire possession of the collateral and the right to sell it to satisfy the debt. Foreclosure may be used by the lender to enforce a lien on personal property, typically in conjunction with the foreclosure of a mortgage lien on real property. Repossession of the collateral (personal property) may be utilized if it can be accomplished without a breach of the peace, a remedy that may be difficult to implement under Florida law.

Asset Recovery

When real or personal property is collateral for a loan, we know and utilize the various legal remedies to lawfully recovery the property for liquidation to satisfy the debt.

After recovering personal property through a court process or repossession without a breach of the peace, the property is sold to satisfy the debt. If the sale fails to recover the full amount owed, we often secure a deficiency judgment to collect the remaining balance on the debt.

Over 28 Years of Foreclosure and Asset Recovery Experience

John McCorvey handles commercial collections, foreclosures, and asset recovery with dedication and knowledge honed over 28 years of experience. He has represented individuals, small private lenders, and financial institutions in Northeast Florida, including Duval, Nassau and Clay counties, as well as other counties throughout the State of Florida.  Mr. McCorvey believes in a personal approach so he works closely with each client. He is intimately familiar with each case, and performs or reviews all of the work himself. He remains available for client conferences and is committed to experience, professionalism, and continuing education. In addition, Mr. McCorvey

  • Stays abreast of Florida’s legislative changes, including laws enacted after the 2008 foreclosure crisis.
  • Has handled numerous foreclosure of SBA 7(a) loans.
  • Has experience handling high-dollar cases in excess of 1 million dollars.
  • Analyzes secured and unsecured creditors’ rights in bankruptcy to determine the likelihood of any financial recovery.
  • Maintains high standards and produces quality outcomes by working with a limited client roster.

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