Should I consider Mediation?

Due to mediation confidentiality, all parties can speak freely in the mediation conference thus improving the chances of understanding each others positions.

Dissolve an LLC in Florida

Our practice is known for its vast experience and expertise in business-related matters. Whether you’re looking to begin a fruitful partnership or dissolve an LLC in Florida, we’re best placed to guide you.

Small Business Attorney Jacksonville Florida

We understand the challenges that small business owners face. Resources may be limited, and owners might have limited knowledge of the market and legal guidelines.

Business Dissolution

Executives and investors rarely have time in their schedule to manage all the steps involved in business dissolution, especially when they must balance other legal concerns at the same time.
Business Dispute Attorney Jacksonville FloridaMcCorvey Law & Mediation

Business Dispute Attorney Jacksonville Florida

Under Florida law, some types of agreements must be in writing to be enforceable, such as a guaranty, or a lease exceeding one year in duration.
Foreclosure and AssetMcCorvey Law and Mediation PLLC

Foreclosure and Asset Recovery

Foreclosure and asset recovery in Florida can be a complicated process. Dealing with borrowers in default while navigating the applicable laws can be a headache for most lenders. At McCorvey Law and Mediation PLLC, we have over 29 years of experience in the areas of foreclosure and asset recovery.
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Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Consulting with a real estate litigation attorney can help you insure your leasing practices comply with the law and that unlawful practices are corrected before problems arise.
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Real Estate Litigation Attorney Jacksonville Florida

Not only should you feel comfortable with the Real Estate Litigation attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, but also their team. If you’re going to spend much of the time on the phone with their paralegal or another staff member, it’s a good idea that you meet them before selecting your attorney.
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Business Disputes; It’s Personal

As you likely know already, emotions cloud decision making. That’s why when there is a business dispute, it’s important to involve a law professional that has your best interests in mind and just as importantly
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How to Resolve that Business Dispute and Avoid Litigation

Disputes can arise due to a whole host of reasons, including employee relations, partnerships with other businesses and contracts with vendors.