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Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Owning and leasing real estate can be a very lucrative, but sometimes frustrating experience that can lead to big headaches for the landlord and/or tenant. It is often helpful to consult with a real estate litigation attorney who can help you avoid such headaches, or at least help keep them to a minimum. Here are some of the benefits of knowing a good real estate litigation attorney when landlord/tenant issues arise.

Ensure Compliance Before Issues Arise

Landlord/tenant disputes are not uncommon. One of the best ways to avoid such disputes is to make sure the lessor’s leasing practices comply with local, state and federal laws. Consulting with a real estate litigation attorney can help you insure your leasing practices comply with the law and that unlawful practices are corrected before problems arise. It is much easier to correct unlawful practices before a problem arises. This is certainly an area in which an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Evaluate Your Lease

The lease is the primary document that controls the rights and obligations of the landlord and tenant(s) with regard to the leased property. The contents of the lease are one of the most important aspects of the landlord/tenant relationship to examine. It is an area where you may be making mistakes when it comes to your legal rights and the rights of your tenants. The language contained in the lease can make or break you if a dispute arises. It is important that the lease be reviewed by a real estate litigation attorney to identify and correct any provisions that may lead to unfavorable outcomes in the event a dispute arises. A real estate litigation attorney can draft the lease in such a manner that its terms and conditions favor your position in the event a conflict arises.

Handling a Dispute

Although you may do your best to protect yourself from tenant problems, there are times when disagreements necessarily arise between landlords and tenants. Having a real estate litigation attorney involved may promote resolution of those disagreements without taking the matter to court. A real estate litigation attorney can direct you toward alternatives to going to court, such as mediation, or negotiation. If such alternatives don’t prove successful, a real estate litigation attorney can assist in posturing your case for a favorable outcome when the case goes to court. Of course, a real estate litigation attorney can advise you when it’s necessary to use the courts to prosecute or defend your position. Being aware of your options can help you to make an educated decision concerning how best to move forward.

Common Disputes

Many common disputes can arise between landlords and tenants. Differences can be over the rent, the language of the lease, the parties’ rights, responsibility for repairs, when eviction is necessary, lease renewals, and more. A landlord or tenant will likely benefit in all of these circumstances by consulting with a real estate litigation attorney.

Are you a landlord dealing with a tenant dispute and needing the services of an experienced real estate litigation attorney in Jacksonville, Florida? Landlord/tenant relationships can sometimes be tricky to handle, and it pays to have someone on your side that understands the dynamics of the landlord/tenant relationship, and the rights and obligations of both parties. Contact McCorvey Law & Mediation PLLC to discuss your landlord/tenant issue today. We can assist you in evaluating the problem and determining the best course of action when landlord/tenant issues arise.

Real Estate Litigation Attorney Jacksonville Florida

You’ve found yourself in a situation that requires a real estate litigation attorney in Jacksonville, Florida. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of lawyers in your local area. It is best to proceed by talking to the lawyers that you think may be best suited to handle your real estate litigation. Each of the following questions can help narrow the field as to which real estate litigation attorney you should hire.

What is the lawyer’s experience level?

The amount of experience that a lawyer has in handling real estate litigation that is similar in nature to your case can be invaluable. It is always beneficial to have an attorney on your side with considerable experience handling similar real estate litigation. That doesn’t mean that you need the attorney with the most knowledge or experience possible, as this may result in a massive bill, but you want to find a lawyer with a sufficient level of experience for you to feel confident the lawyer is capable of handling your case. This can also be a perfect time to ask about the lawyer’s education, credentials, ratings and other information about their background to help you decide who to hire.

What is the lawyer’s approach?

This question is excellent because it gets into how the lawyer would go about handling your case, including communicating your you, the client. The answer the attorney gives can help demonstrate not only their understanding of the complexities of real estate litigation but how they treat their clients. Can you understand what they are telling you? Will they keep you informed about the status of your case? Do you feel that they communicated your options to you? The most qualified lawyer in the world that makes you feel confused or unhappy is probably not the right lawyer for you.

Who is on the legal team?

Not only should you feel comfortable with the lawyer, but also their team. If you’re going to spend much of the time on the phone with their paralegal or another staff member, it’s a good idea that you meet them before selecting your attorney. Finding out about their experience, background, and credentials can be helpful in making your decision.

What Type of Billing Can I Expect?

It can be hard to talk about finances, but for a big decision like hiring a real estate litigation attorney, asking about billing can help prevent an unwelcome surprise when the bill comes due. Most attorneys bill on an hourly basis, so they will keep track of the time they spend on your case and charge accordingly. However, with some less involved cases, they may charge a flat fee. You don’t necessarily want to select the lawyer with the lowest fees based on that factor alone. You should weigh all of the different factors to find the attorney best suited to handle your real estate litigation.

Are you trying to find an experienced real estate litigation attorney in Jacksonville, Florida, to help you with a real estate litigation matter?

Contact McCorvey Law & Mediation PLLC today to learn more about the services we offer. Let’s discuss your case to identify how best to proceed with your real estate litigation matter.