Real Estate Litigation Attorney Jacksonville Florida

John McCorvey

You’ve found yourself in a situation that requires a real estate litigation attorney in Jacksonville, Florida. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of lawyers in your local area. It is best to proceed by talking to the lawyers that you think may be best suited to handle your real estate litigation. Each of the following questions can help narrow the field as to which real estate litigation attorney you should hire.

What is the lawyer’s experience level?

The amount of experience that a lawyer has in handling real estate litigation that is similar in nature to your case can be invaluable. It is always beneficial to have an attorney on your side with considerable experience handling similar real estate litigation. That doesn’t mean that you need the attorney with the most knowledge or experience possible, as this may result in a massive bill, but you want to find a lawyer with a sufficient level of experience for you to feel confident the lawyer is capable of handling your case. This can also be a perfect time to ask about the lawyer’s education, credentials, ratings and other information about their background to help you decide who to hire.

What is the lawyer’s approach?

This question is excellent because it gets into how the lawyer would go about handling your case, including communicating your you, the client. The answer the attorney gives can help demonstrate not only their understanding of the complexities of real estate litigation but how they treat their clients. Can you understand what they are telling you? Will they keep you informed about the status of your case? Do you feel that they communicated your options to you? The most qualified lawyer in the world that makes you feel confused or unhappy is probably not the right lawyer for you.

Who is on the legal team?

Not only should you feel comfortable with the lawyer, but also their team. If you’re going to spend much of the time on the phone with their paralegal or another staff member, it’s a good idea that you meet them before selecting your attorney. Finding out about their experience, background, and credentials can be helpful in making your decision.

What Type of Billing Can I Expect?

It can be hard to talk about finances, but for a big decision like hiring a real estate litigation attorney, asking about billing can help prevent an unwelcome surprise when the bill comes due. Most attorneys bill on an hourly basis, so they will keep track of the time they spend on your case and charge accordingly. However, with some less involved cases, they may charge a flat fee. You don’t necessarily want to select the lawyer with the lowest fees based on that factor alone. You should weigh all of the different factors to find the attorney best suited to handle your real estate litigation.

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