Mediation in Jacksonville Florida

When you’re involved in a dispute with an individual or business in Jacksonville, our legal system supports your right to resolve it in court. The process works but it has a few drawbacks. Discovery is often time-consuming and costly. Waiting for a trial often takes longer than you anticipate. Outcomes are sometimes unpredictable. If you prefer a simpler, timely, less formal and less costly process to address your dispute, mediation is a viable option.

Mediation in Jacksonville Florida McCovery Law & Mediation

Mediation in Jacksonville Florida is an excellent Alternative Dispute Resolution choice for resolving legal disagreements without going to trial. It is an efficient and informal process that allows disputing parties to share information in a confidential setting, and with the assistance of the mediator who acts as a neutral third party, fashion their own agreement to resolve the dispute. Confidentiality and self-determination are essential components of mediation and lay at the heart of why mediation is often so successful in resolving legal disputes.

Mediation is cost-effective because it gives parties a chance to resolve their differences without expensive, prolonged, time-consuming litigation. The courts in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit mandate mediation for certain types of cases before the case may proceed to trial. Of course, you may always choose to mediate your dispute voluntarily, before or after a lawsuit is filed.

Mediation In Jacksonville Florida

Mediation facilitates dispute resolution because it brings disputing parties together in a relaxed, informal, judgment-free environment. Prior to the scheduled mediation, the mediator learns about the dispute by reviewing documentation provided by the parties or their legal counsel. During the mediation, the mediator gives each party an opportunity to tell their story to the mediator in a group setting, as well as in private, with the assurance of confidentiality. The mediator encourages the parties to talk, exchange information and negotiate to find a resolution to their dispute.

As a neutral third party, a mediator facilitates the negotiation process using several techniques.

  • Helping parties identify key points of agreement and disagreement
  • Assisting parties in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their case
  • Assisting parties in identifying the interests that underlie their positions and exploring alternative means of satisfying those interests
  • Encouraging parties to listen to one another
  • Minimizing obstacles to settlement
  • Encouraging negotiation and resolution

Mediation in Jacksonville Florida works because it brings participants together in a non-confrontational, confidential and informal setting. Oftentimes, the parties will fully resolve their dispute. Sometimes, the parties will resolve part of their dispute in mediation, thereby limiting the remaining issues to be tried in court. The parties don’t always resolve their dispute at mediation. Still, when properly undertaken, the mediation process breaks down barriers to communication and encourages movement toward resolution.

An Experienced Mediator

John McCorvey has a 10-year track record of success as a mediator in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida. His 28 years of experience litigating civil cases in Jacksonville and Northeast Florida serve as an invaluable asset in helping parties reach agreement at mediation. He understands litigation and he knows how the court system operates. As both a litigator and mediator, he has participated in mediation countless times, and has observed first-hand what techniques work, and those that don’t, at mediation.

John McCovey has resolved numerous disputes. His experience has taught him that sometimes people just need to be heard. Mediation gives them that opportunity.

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Mediation in Jacksonville Florida is a viable dispute resolution alternative. It is an important option for settling disputes when you prefer to avoid litigation.

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